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3 for 3 for 3
Social Media Package

Three social media posts per week for 3 channels for $300 per month!

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The Struggle is Real....

Are you struggling to stay on top of your social media channels but feel obligated to do so? Don't have time to create content so you end up posting things that are less than ideal?


You are not alone.

Many business owners know the value of social media for engaging customers and building brand equity, but just don't have time to create posts when they have a business to run.

We Can Help!

Our social media experts can help with:

Set up & integration of social media channels
Quality content creation - graphics & captions
Hashtag & influencer research
Brand alignment & key messaging
Follower growth & user engagement
People connecting with social media on cell phones.

Social Media Package Pricing

Our "3 for 3 for 3" Social Media Package includes:

  • 3 unique social media posts per week, on

  • 3 social media channels of your choice, for just

  • $300 per month!

No minimum contract required, just work with us on a month to month basis and we'll take care of the rest.  Then you can put your mind at rest knowing your social media channels are in good hands.

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