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Gaining Community Support with Public Relations

What are Public Relations?

​Public relations, commonly referred to as PR, is the art of controlling your company's brand image through strategic communications and activities that will reflect favorably on you in the eyes of the public.

Public Relations Services

Elements of PR

Public relations involves managing many elements of your company's public image, including media announcements, government relations, community engagement, corporate responsibility, public speaking engagements, corporate sponsorships, and pro-active crisis management.

Public Relations Public Speaking
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Media Announcements
Government Relations
Community Engagement
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
Public Speaking Engagements
Corporate Sponsorship
Crisis Management
Public Relations Public Speaking Engagem

No one really appreciates the value of having good PR until something goes wrong.  Case in point? Ask Janet Jackson how she's doing after her "wardrobe malfunction".

Corporate Responsibility & PR

Benefits of Good PR

You may think public relations aren't really necessary for your company, and that may be true if you keep a low profile and manage to keep your employees and community stakeholders happy.


Where good PR really shows its strength is when something goes wrong, you require public or government support for an initiative, or you want to improve your standing in the local community.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you manage your Public Relations, from organizing and preparing you for speaking engagements to managing government relations and corporate responsibility.

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