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Introductory Discount

Because our ultimate goal is to make high-quality customized marketing services affordable, we take a staged approach to ensure you’re comfortable with the process as you begin to see results.


In this spirit, we offer an introductory discount of 20% off all services booked and billed in your first month with Trillium DMC.


Pricing Structure

We recognize not all marketing budgets are created equal, and some adjustment may be needed between an ideal marketing wish list and a "no bells or whistles" budget reality.

Whether you're looking for monthly social media management, social media advertising, Google Ads, a complete website, or an entire marketing strategy, we break things down into manageable components so you feel comfortable with the investment you're making into your marketing program.

For example, you may elect to invest $300 per month for our "3 for 3 for 3" Social Media Package, $750 per month for our complete "Marketing Bundle for Small Business", or $2500 on new website development; no matter your requirement, we can help you find the best solutions to optimize your budget.

We provide detailed project estimates up front so you can proactively budget for your marketing requirements,

We offer flexible project options so you can select the customized services you feel benefit your company most,

We offer our services at a reasonable hourly rate so you only pay for work done on your account,

We provide project and budget updates to keep you in the loop as work progresses,

We work efficiently to provide the most value for your budgeted hours, and

We work with you to ensure your budget constraints are always well respected.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you make high-quality digital marketing & communications services affordable, from providing detailed estimates and flexible project options to offering affordable hourly rates and introductory discounts.

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