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  • Angela Dobbie

The Whole Bit & Global Clarity Join the Trillium DMC Family!

We’re proud to welcome two new clients to the Trillium DMC family this week! Both companies are led by savvy female entrepreneurs with a passion for their craft, and we’re thrilled to have an opportunity to work with them to increase their sales and grow their brand equity.

leather bags & purses
Hand-crafted leather purses and totes available at

The Whole Bit

Founded by Janet Sealey, The Whole Bit was born out of a desire to provide the local equestrian community in Victoria, BC with custom-made apparel for both horse and rider.

horse wearing blanket
Custom horse blanket commissioned by Team Canada

After a move to Blackie, Alberta, Janet expanded her selection of hand-crafted goods to include western and equestrian-themed accessories, home decor, purses, totes, and cell-phone cases in addition to the equestrian gear for which she has become world-renowned.

Specializing in bespoke leather goods, Janet’s talented craftsmanship and attention to detail transforms each unique piece she creates into one-of-a-kind works of art.

Janet engaged Trillium DMC to help grow brand awareness and drive traffic to The Whole Bit’s online store through social media advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and organic social media channels.

With products this beautiful, we’re confident The Whole Bit’s sales will increase as soon as people become aware of Janet’s incredible talent - see for yourself at!

Global Clarity Development

In the coming months Trillium DMC will also be working with entrepreneur-extraordinaire Marie-Helene Lamarre to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for her company, Global Clarity Developments.

Marie-Helene has achieved accolades for her leadership roles in the clean tech and renewable energy sectors, and her enthusiasm is only matched by her extensive education in Science (M.Sc.) Bio-Industry (MBA) & Education (B.Ed.).

Headquartered in the outskirts of Montreal, Quebec Global Clarity specializes in professional development through its offerings of online leadership workshops and training programs that facilitate scalable business growth and help companies master the B2B and B2C ecosystems.

The Global Clarity project will encompass personal and corporate branding, evaluation of marketing systems, optimizing and streamlining of owned, earned, and paid media

channels, sales funnel development to maximize lead acquisition, mapping the customer journey and implementing a nurture stream through marketing automation – and that’s just the start!

We appreciate having these diverse projects added to our roster and are excited to be working with such dynamic women-led businesses in the coming weeks. So, it is with gusto that we welcome Janet & Marie-Helene to the Trillium DMC family!

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