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Trillium DMC Welcomes New Recruitment & Aerospace Clients

MaverickHR, Avi One Services & ORCAirships Join the Trillium DMC Family

We’re thrilled to welcome three new clients - MaverickHR, Avi One Services and ORCAirships - to our growing client family! All three companies engaged Trillium DMC to provide ongoing marketing and communications support to help them grow brand awareness and increase sales.


Founded by Alexandra (Sasha) Ivanov, MaverickHR offers exceptional recruitment services and qualitative management consultation with a focus on DEI - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. MaverickHR aims to become the "partner of choice" for progressive ESG-smart companies through meaningful and transparent communication that builds long-term relationships and trust with clients.

MaverickHR recruited (pun intended) Trillium DMC for ongoing marketing and communications support to help grow its B2B contract sales and increase online awareness of its brand. Services will include (but not limited to) marketing strategy and social media management, with a particular emphasis on social media marketing (SMM) and search engine marketing (SEM) utilizing CPC advertising campaigns.

Avi One Services

With Ryan Geddes at the helm, Avi One Services offers specialized technical services for the global aerospace industry, including project management, process & safety standards implementation, customized training services, and operational support.

As a registered United Nations vendor with +20 years experience, Avi One contributes to the Global Community through advancement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

In the coming months Trillium DMC will be providing marketing strategy, mainstream media, content creation and website optimization support to help Avi One expand its presence in the Canadian aerospace industry and share its passion for sustainable aviation.


ORCAiships, a new Canadian aerospace start up pioneered by Ryan Geddes, is a collaboration between Luffships (UK) and the Canadian aerospace ecosystem that proposes to build a sustainable airship industry within Canada. This international collaboration will increase aerospace & high-tech sector employment while simultaneously providing a means to decarbonize critical infrastructure development through autonomous delivery, urban passenger vehicles, and long-range cargo transport to remote communities that require improved regional connectivity.

Trillium DMC has partnered with ORCAirships to support a broad range of online & offline marketing initiatives - including corporate branding, website development, and copywriting - along with mainstream media and public relations requirements.

We appreciate having these diverse companies join our growing client family and are excited to work on such dynamic projects in the coming months!

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