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  • Angela Dobbie

How Can Neapolitan Ice Cream Guide Your Social Media Strategy?!

A few years ago, while attending an industry trade show, I was introduced to the "Spumoni Ice Cream” approach to social media strategy. The concept really resonated with me, and since then I have used it to guide my content strategy for social media under the simplified and more familiar “Neapolitan” approach.

In a nutshell (or waffle cone if you prefer), the three distinct flavours that make up Neapolitan ice cream represent how your audience appreciates three different types of content that you share, and how all three combine to create the overall “flavour” of your social media channels.

*Note: sound on for full effect!

Who Doesn't Love Chocolate?

Similar to how many people carve out the chocolate ribbon from the tub of Neapolitan, your “chocolate content” is premium engaging content that is non-commercial in nature and your audience just loves to gobble up. These types of posts are only loosely affiliated with your company and are more likely associated with your industry, or might simply just include pop culture references.

Scoop of chocolate ice cream

Basically, your chocolate content is the low-hanging fruit you can easily use to satisfy your audience and build brand loyalty while sustaining steady follower growth. This includes sharing industry or regional news stories that have wide audience appeal, posting visually stimulating photos and videos, celebrity name-dropping when possible, or participating in popular memes and hashtags (such as #Berniemittens).

The Freshness & Added Colour of Strawberry

In a tub of Neapolitan ice cream, strawberry is still a favourite for many and even those who like chocolate best may still pick strawberry as a close second. Everyone will agree that strawberry adds freshness and colour, and that it compliments the chocolate perfectly when you get a spoonful of both. This aptly depicts how you should think of your "strawberry content"; it is more commercial in nature than chocolate but still palatable to your audience while adding a bit of colour and freshness to your social feed.

Scoop of strawberry ice cream

Your strawberry content is more directly linked to your company’s products or services but is still engaging. This could include posts with audience polls, true / false quizzes, Then vs. Now, #ThrowBackThursday or #FeelGoodFriday themes, marketing photos or videos, historical facts, or archived articles - all great examples of strawberry content.

Vanilla is All-Business

While vanilla may not be anyone’s favourite flavour in a tub of Neapolitan, especially when sandwiched together with chocolate and strawberry, it does serve a purpose; vanilla is the glue that ties everything together and adds a bit of dimension to the trio as a whole. Vanilla is all-business in its duty to hold the strawberry and chocolate together, and like this, your "vanilla content" should also be all-business and tie your social media channel together with your brand.

Scoop of vanilla ice cream

Vanilla content is the obligatory commercial content that directly promotes your products or services. And while no one really likes being served this type of “salesy” content, it's more readily accepted by your audience after you’ve served them up some chocolate or strawberry. Examples of vanilla content include “limited time special offer" sales pitches, copies of ads, sharing of press releases, or “we’re proud to announce” company updates.

Taking a Big Scoop of All Three

Boy Holds Three-Flavored Ice Cream Cone

Now that you’ve become familiar with the three different “flavours” of social media content, it’s easier to understand how putting them all together into one big scoop can guide your social media content strategy! Of course, it you’ve still got questions or need a bit more help putting this into practice, check out our Social Media Management web page or contact us - we’re always happy to help!

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