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  • Angela Dobbie

Help ME, Help YOU!

Have you ever watched others struggle with a problem you know you could help solve but circumstances kept you from intervening? Have you ever watched a situation develop to a point where you’ve felt like pulling a Jerry Maguire and yelling out, “Help ME, help YOU”?

The Inspiration Behind Trillium DMC

This is exactly how Trillium Digital Marketing & Communications (aka Trillium DMC) came to be. After spending the better part of 20 years working for an international aerospace enterprise, I found my skill set growing and interests diversifying while my role was becoming more specialized.

At the same time, I saw members of my peer group fine-tuning their careers and focusing on the successful management of their own companies. I watched friends struggle to keep on top of the quality and quantity of marketing content required in an ever-changing and dynamic digital world, and was struck with inspiration by the glaringly obvious win-win opportunity within arm’s reach of both of us.... Why not work together for our mutual benefit?

I began to dream about starting my own digital marketing and communications company that would enable me to continue applying my diverse skill set in a subject area I’m passionate about, and my peers could take advantage of my depth of experience and ability to deliver high-quality work product that would benefit their own small businesses!

The Idea Flywheel & Sinek's "Golden Circle"

This created an idea flywheel within me; the more I thought about what I could do and how I could do it, the more energized I became. And the more energized I became, the more I accomplished in my drive to make this idea come to fruition. My enthusiasm became infectious, and before long I had a couple of friends approach me to discuss opportunities for their small businesses before I had even gotten Trillium DMC off the ground.

While studying Strategic Leadership at the University of Victoria, I learned that Simon Sinek had coined this energizing and self-perpetuating motivation his “Golden Circle” concept ("How Great Leaders Inspire Action", Ted Talk, 2009). Sinek explains bypassing the “what” and “how” of transactional relationships and speaking directly to a person’s values creates a direct link between the action required and the end result; in other words, nothing drives people to action faster and with more conviction than a passion for a common cause.

Hearing & Heeding the War Cry

So armed with this information and a burning desire to make things happen for myself and others, what could I do but put some structure to my newly-formed dream? I began to pursue the idea in earnest and think about my underlying values and how they might align with my prospective clients.

I brainstormed how I could weave this philosophy into my business and find creative ways to communicate it to others. As much as I tried to articulate it in sophisticated language, I found that Jerry Maguire may have said it best with his impassioned plea of “help ME, help YOU!” This has become the war cry of Trillium DMC - to help others help themselves to achieve success - and it has become the self-perpetuating motivation behind everything we do.

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