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What is Offline Marketing?

​Offline marketing is the term given to the more traditional forms of product promotion that don’t involve use of the Internet or digital programs, such as television, radio and print advertising as well as large format displays and signage.

Offline Marketing Services

Elements of Offline Marketing

​Offline marketing includes a variety of channels to promote your company, product or services that extends beyond the use of websites, social media, and online advertising.

These outlets can be used in place of digital channels (depending on your target customer behavior) or better yet, can supplement your digital channels for a well-rounded marketing strategy.

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Television & Radio Advertising
Print Advertising & Flyers
Direct Mail Letterbox Drop
Billboards, Banners & Signage
Tradeshow Participation
Sales Presentations
Experiential Marketing (Event Marketing)

Offline marketing is a great way to round out your marketing program and reach prospective customers in your local community who don't fall within the targeting criteria of your digital campaigns.

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Benefits of Offline Marketing

Depending on the nature of your business, the industry you operate within, or the demographic characteristics of your customers, offline marketing offers the ability to connect with your customers in your local community and reach those who don’t fall within the targeting capabilities of your digital marketing efforts.


Offline marketing can also add another layer of brand familiarity for your customers, increasing the cumulative effect of your marketing efforts and helping to grow your brand equity.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you optimize your offline marketing efforts, from crafting broadcast media scripts and creating print ads to launching direct mail campaigns and developing sales presentations.

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