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Marketing Evaluation Customer Journey Review

What is a Marketing Evaluation?

A marketing evaluation is the process of reviewing your company's presence in the marketplace and identifying the customer interactions with your brand across all channels - earned, owned and paid.


By taking time to evaluate your company from the customer's perspective, you can identify the things you do well and contribute to your company's success. You can also find opportunities for improvement or discover new areas where you can supplement your existing programs.

Marketing Evaluation Services

Finding Opportunities in Your Current Systems

After conducting a marketing evaluation, you will likely find many opportunities to improve your presence or take advantage of new technologies to grow your brand equity.


These opportunities could include creating an entirely new corporate brand, improving the quality of your marketing collateral and content, adding new social media channels, updating your website, growing your customer base through automated marketing, or running targeted ad campaigns to increase sales. Quite simply, the opportunities are endless!

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Conducting a marketing evaluation is a critical first step in creating a marketing strategy because the more you know, the more you can grow!

Marketing Evaluation for Customized Solutions

Benefits of Customized Marketing Solutions

While there are many quick-fix marketing packages available “off the shelf”, they have a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t take into consideration your company's specific requirements or individual operating environment.  You, your experience, your services, your team, your audience, your operating area, your industry, your company’s personality, and so many other intangible things make your company unique.


It's this uniqueness that differentiates your company from competitors, so developing customized marketing solutions that capitalize on your strengths will always be the best approach to forming your marketing strategy.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you conduct a full marketing evaluation and develop customized marketing solutions, from reviewing your current ad campaigns and marketing collateral to finding opportunities for improvement and incorporating new platforms.

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Marketing Evaluation of Owned Media Channels