Marketing Bundle for Small Business

All your marketing requirements taken care of for one low monthly fee!

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The struggle is real....

If you're a small business owner, then you know how hard it can be to work on your business while you work in your business. You don't have time to do everything, and challenging tasks get pushed to the bottom of the list.


You are not alone.

Your marketing program may be one of the things falling by the wayside until sales start to suffer and you need a Herculean effort to get things back on track.

Your marketing program may be suffering if you have:

No time to deal with it
No marketing or platform experience
No consistency with content, updates or strategy
No quality in the materials produced
No one to cover the bases
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What if you could have it all taken care of by a trusted professional working on your behalf?

Now you can rely on us to keep your marketing program alive & thriving - producing quality solutions designed to drive sustainable growth - while you focus on your business.

And what if you could set the amount to suit your monthly budget?

We work with you to develop a customized marketing strategy, then provide flexible & continuous support within the monthly budget YOU set based on your specific business requirements - see additional pricing information below.

Our marketing bundle is designed to provide the services you need, when needed, and priced to suit your budget.

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Marketing Bundle Services Can Include:

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Social Media Management

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Social Media Advertising

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Targeting &

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Marketing Bundle Pricing

Pricing for our marketing bundle averages $750 / month for most small businesses, however is adjusted to suit your specific requirements and budget. If your requirements are more substantial, the bundle price is scaled to cover all the bases. But if your budget is less, we streamline our services to produce the best results possible within your budget cap. Put simply, you set a monthly price that works best for you!

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