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Make Headlines with Mainstream Media

What is Mainstream Media?

​Mainstream media encompasses television, radio, and print outlets that publish and distribute news stories and editorial features that interest a wide-ranging and far-reaching audience of subscribers, viewers and listeners.

Mainstream Media Services

Elements of Mainstream Media

Some of the elements of mainstream media you can take advantage of include issuing press releases, fostering media relations, monitoring industry news, participating in editorial features, spotting consumer trends, and conducting on-camera or on-air interviews to talk about your business.

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Press Releases
Media Relations
Editorial Features
News Monitoring
Broadcast Interviews
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Mainstream media can be a valuable aspect of your earned media channels as it raises public awareness and creates social buzz for your brand.

Mainstream Media & Broadcast Television

Benefits of Mainstream Media

​When planned effectively, you can leverage mainstream media to promote your company, products or services provided there is a public interest component to your news, or you have a timely update that appeals to a broad audience.

Some of the most significant benefits of mainstream media include free promotion for your company, raising awareness of your brand with new audiences, and creating well-respected content that you can share with your followers.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you navigate your mainstream media requirements, from drafting and distributing press releases to handling editorial inquiries and managing media relations.

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Mainstream Media & Radio Broadcasting