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What is a Digital Campaign?

A digital campaign deploys the key messages of your marketing strategy to your target audience across select digital platforms (such as Google Ads or social media advertising) over a scheduled time period and within a set budget to achieve your marketing objective.

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Types of Digital Campaigns

Digital campaigns can integrate elements of both owned and paid media channels to encourage your customers to progress through the sales funnel.

Digital campaigns can be deployed on a single channel, such as an automated marketing email or a destination landing page shared on social media, or they can be deployed across multiple channels for a broader holistic approach.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Channels - Organic & Paid Campaigns
Cost-Per-Click Display Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Website Destination Pages & Lead Capture Forms
Direct Email
Automated Marketing
Digtial Campaign Customer Journey LIfeti

With Digital Campaigns you can manage multiple stages of your customer's journey as they progress towards becoming a lifetime customer.

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Benefits of Digital Campaigns

​Generally speaking, digital campaigns are less expensive than their traditional offline counterparts and offer better customer targeting capability and measurement of campaign performance. This translates into more qualified leads for your company and better value for your marketing budget.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you craft and deploy your digital campaigns on the channels of your choice, from initial strategy development and content creation to analyzing the final results.

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