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What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is the process of developing, setting and consistently representing the appearance, corporate voice, and underlying personality of your company so it becomes easily identifiable by your customers and local community alike.

Hollistic Approach to Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding Services

Corporate Branding Represents Your Company Identity

The Importance of a Strong Corporate Brand

​A strong corporate brand helps your company stand out from the competition and makes it easy for customers, employees, partners, and community stakeholders to recognize you across multiple touch points.


A strong corporate brand also helps increase brand equity, and as your brand equity grows, market share and increased sales are sure to follow.

Elements of a Corporate Brand

There are many elements that comprise your corporate brand, from your company logo and colour palette to your registered trademarks and copyright marketing materials.

A corporate brand can also go much deeper and represent the core values, voice, and culture that makes your company truly unique.

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Corporate Branding Global Brand Recognit
Company & Product Logos
Corporate Colour Palette / Pantones
Unique Fonts
Registered Trademarks & Tradenames
Core Values & Corporate Culture
Key Messaging & Corporate Voice
Brand Labels & Custom Hashtags
Vision & Mission Statements
Copyright Imagery & Marketing Materials
Corporate Branding Identification Owners

When you consider the origins of branding - the process of marking cattle used to claim ownership & protect against theft - it's no surprise that it has evolved into the process that companies use today to mark "ownership" of their products and presence in the marketplace.

Good Corporate Branding Builds Brand Equity

Benefits of Consistent Corporate Branding

Consistent application of your corporate brand over multiple touch points gains an economy of scale as your customers interact with it. By layering different elements of your brand across all of your channels and marketing materials, your company stays top-of-mind with your customers.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you define and develop your corporate brand, from creating an eye-catching logo and corporate colour scheme to developing key messaging and corporate voice.

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