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What is Copywriting?

​Copywriting is both the art and science of writing compelling messages for the purpose of influencing your audience and persuading them to think favourably about your company, products or services.

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Elements of Copywriting

There's an endless list of elements that fall into the copywriting category, however the most familiar are ads, brochures, signage, product descriptions, sales letters / emails, web page content, technical specifications, proposals, press releases, presentations, social media ads, blogs, and commercial scripts.

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Public Relations Materials
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The Importance of Good Copywriting

​Good copywriting has the ability to communicate your company’s unique value in the most direct way possible to represent your brand and suit your intended audience. This in turn saves time and money as campaigns are more effective and results are returned faster.

No matter how strategic your targeting and channel selections are, if you don't have an appropriate message that resonates with your audience your efforts will just get lost in the noise of today’s endless distractions.

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"You never get a second chance to make a first impression” aptly describes the increasing importance of capturing and keeping your reader's attention through compelling messages.

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Benefits of Strong Copywriting

​Strong copywriting not only offers the ability to persuade your customers with catchy content, it also conveys a measure of quality associated with your brand.

Consider the impact of poor copywriting; when reading a news article riddled with grammatical mistakes or listening to a radio ad with choppy structure or questionable claims, you can't help but doubt the integrity of the source.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you with your copywriting needs, from creating compelling marketing materials and detailed product descriptions to writing optimized web content and producing corporate reports.

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