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Automated Marketing Nurtures Customers

What is Automated Marketing?

​Automated marketing can be an added bonus for your digital marketing strategy as it has the ability to coordinate timely delivery of content targeted to customers at set points along the customer journey and then track the results.


Using an account-based marketing automation platform, your company can manage and track interactions with your brand as customers visit pages on your website, engage with your social media channels, read and respond to email campaigns, or click on your display ads.

Automated Marketing Services

Elements of Marketing Automation

There are a variety of elements that work together to successfully manage an automated marketing program, including lead capture forms, lead database, lead scoring assigned through programmable criteria, and an automated stream of content intended to nurture customers and persuade them to take the next logical step towards purchase.

Lead Acquisition Forms
Customer Nurture Stream
Automated Emails
Lead Scoring
Lead Qualification
Retargeting Integrations
Automated Marketing Reaching Your Custom

Automated marketing offers the unique opportunity to manage your customers' interactions and engagement with your brand throughout the customer journey.

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Benefits of Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing keeps your corporate brand top-of-mind as your customers progress along the path from brand awareness to final purchase. By targeting and scheduling content for delivery right when needed most, automated marketing can nudge customers towards the next stage of the sales cycle.

One of the most significant benefits of automated marketing is that it's automated....  This means you can have your marketing program working hard on your behalf in the background while you focus on running your business.

How Can We Help?

Trillium DMC can help you implement an automated marketing program, from selecting automation platforms and setting up lead capture forms to crafting a nurture stream with owned and paid media channel integration.

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Automated Marketing Grows Your Customer Base